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The perfect DIY make-up

Everyone wants to look perfect at all times, on the weekend and in daily life simply when stepping outside. While we are pleased about your visit only a few can afford the daily trip to a beauty parlor. Since we would like to support you nevertheless, we put together a DIY guide with step by step instructions how to choose the perfect make-up for your outfit and how to apply it.

The following questions are addressed in the e-book:

  • What distinguishes the best possible make-up?
  • Which type of styling suits me?
  • Which outfits require what make-up?
  • Does it always have to be expensive branded products?
  • Which styling fits what occasion?
  • How do I apply make-up in the best way?

With the assistance of our little guide you will become a stylist yourself in no time and will receive much admiration for your perfectly balanced make-up!

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